Founder / Creative Director / Manager

“Dorees is an eagle-eyed precision cutter with a sixth sense for the creation of seriously pretty hair.”


— Hannah Betts, Saturday Times Magazine



Born in Croatia, Dorees worked in the best hair salons and took part in hair shows and competitions in her home country. In 1990 she decided to move to London and pursue her love for hairdressing in one of the world’s biggest fashion centres. Having achieved recognition for her talent and personal style, soon after, Dorees opened her first salon Hive London, which immediately became a five star member of the Good Salon Guide.


Being an independent business woman gave Dorees more freedom to explore her passion for hairstyling, becoming known for her outstanding cutting technique and her exceptional gift for colouring. Furthermore, this has allowed her to train other enthusiastic hairdressers, many of whom have gone on to open their own salons.


As well as being actively involved in the everyday salon business as the head stylist and style consultant, Dorees also does fashion shoots, catwalk hair and participates in Fashion Awareness Direct, a charity which helps young people find work in fashion. She has also been a semi-finalist for the coveted L’Oreal Colour Trophy